On Sunday July 26, www.wikileaks.org, a website run by anti war activist Julian Assange, put on its portal some 92,000 classified documents relating to the American attack on Afghanistan and the war over the past six years. The documents were published immediately thereafter by all leading US newspapers too. The question, naturally, is being raised that how did the wikileaks.org acquire such a colossal number of classified documents without some cooperation by people from inside the present US administration? What can be the purpose of making such confidential information available to the general public? Is the leak strategic and aimed at changing the public opinion about the US war on terror or made with a view to explain the administrations failure in being unable to fight an 'un-winable war in a far away Muslim country? The wikileaks.org documents seem to implicate the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI for having close links and covert cooperation with the Afghan Taliban network to counter Indian interests in Afghanistan. The question is why should India, despite having no border with Afghanistan make a US$ 1.3 billion investment in Afghanistan, even as it makes no such investments in neighbours with adjoining borders such as Nepal and Bangladesh? The only objective India has is to counter Pakistans influence in Afghanistan, a country that provides Pakistan with 'strategic depth. Can Pakistan be expected to compromise on its national interests by leaving Afghanistan to India? The wikileaks.org documents also disclose that more innocent civilian have been killed by NATO troops than the Taliban terrorists. But that fact is being ignored totally by the nation that considers itself a custodian of international human rights. The ISI is being blamed fulltime but the intelligence agencies of other countries operating in Afghanistan are being ignored. I think Pakistan is being treated unfairly here by the US administration. -ENGR. S.T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, July 28.