THE deteriorating situation in held Kashmir has now attracted the attention of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who has urged both Pakistan and India to resolve the conflict through dialogue. He is concerned at the human rights abuses by Indian security forces and brutal suppression of popular dissent; and has urged New Delhi to exercise restraint. The systematic persecution of Kashmiris for demanding their right of self-determination has created ripples around the globe. Despite restrictions on the media, the peoples heart-rending cries cannot be smothered. While this could not prick the Wests conscience like the UK, whose PM was in New Delhi and did not say a word about the rank injustice to Kashmiris, UN SGs concern is welcome. However, the need of the hour is a roadmap that could effectively lead to the resolution of the conflict in consonance with the wishes of the people. Indeed the most effective and workable roadmap is none other than the UNSC resolutions drawn up in 1948 which call for a fair and impartial plebiscite allowing Kashmiris to have their say about their future. Any other solution that ignores this fundamental plank of the Kashmiri campaign will make no headway and would amount to a betrayal. The decades of occupation has put the infrastructure of the valley out of gear; things would only improve once held Kashmir is rid of the Indian yoke. Mr Ban Ki-moon should look up the UN resolutions and insist on organising the agreed plebiscite immediately to end his concerns as well as the agony of Kashmiris.