The horrific menace of the incidents of rape and sexual assault in Pakistan has yet again claimed another victim. The body of a six-year-old girl was found in a dumpster in Korangi, Karachi. Officials report that the girl, who went missing a day early, had been murdered after being subjected to rape. According to the father of the victim, the child was playing outside their home along with other children as there was a power outage in the locality when she went missing.

Sexual assault and rape cases break the heart of the nation, yet the news is particularly gut-wrenching when the victim is a child. Unfortunately, it does not seem this particular case has received as much attention because the country has already this week been inundated with reports of several horrendous crimes against women, each more disturbing than the previous.

The country is still reeling from the tragedy of Noor Mukadam, a case that has made international headlines due to the sheer brutality of the details, and has raised a nationwide demand for quick conviction of the culprit. However, there are at least five similar cases of torture, sexual abuse or murder of women alongside the Islamabad incident, with this Korangi case now being added to the statistics.

The alarming rise in cases makes it clear how absolutely urgent this matter is. The government cannot stand by and do nothing. It is a good step that Prime Minister Imran Khan finally clarified that rape is never the victim’s fault—yet it is too little too late. The government must direct its energies towards the prevention of such cases—the domestic violence bill in Islamabad needs to be addressed and passed. While working on making sentences stronger, the government also needs to look into police responses. The victim’s parents, in this case, have stated that the police did not take their complaint of their missing child seriously at first; a prompt police response could have prevented this tragedy.