Mahmood Khan criticises federal govt for stopping free medical treatment facility to people of merged districts.

PESHAWAR    -   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan on Friday performed the ground breaking of two high rise residential and commercial buildings here at Warsak Road.

These multi-storey buildings com­prising a total of 1240 residential flats of different categories and other al­lied facilities will be completed at a to­tal cost of Rs 17.5 billion. One high rise building will be constructed at War­sak Road on more than 5 Kanals of land which would have 3 commercial and 10 residential floors. The other one will be constructed at Rehman Baba Complex on 79 kanals of land having facility of 10 residential floors.

Addressing the ceremony on the oc­casion, the chief minister has felicitat­ed the provincial minister for Housing and his entire team for initiating work for the construction of high rise build­ings and said that Khyber Pakhtunkh­wa government, in-line with the vi­sion of PTI chief, was working for the wellbeing of common man, adding that construction of high rise buildings that aimed at providing residential facilities to the low income people was also a part of that vision and strategy.

Mahmood Khan said that the provin­cial government was going to launch the mega housing project of the prov­ince ‘New Peshawar Valley’ which would be the only housing society to be established under the land sharing for­mula. He said that government housing schemes were also being initiated on the available non-agricultural lands in other districts too.

He made it clear that the provincial government was not only working on housing projects but also taking visible steps to protect the agricultural land in the province. Touching upon the cur­rent political situation in the country, the chief minister said that when the country was on the path of develop­ment and the people were realising the positive change in their lives, a group of incompetent rulers had been im­posed on the country, making life of the people miserable.

The chief minister said that two po­litical parties ruled the country for 40 years; but they did nothing for the wel­fare of the people. He expressed his concern that development projects of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been ex­cluded from this year’s PSDP and the imported government had also banned the transportation of wheat flour from Punjab to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Apart from this, free treatment facil­ity for the people of the merged dis­tricts was also stopped by the federal government. However, the chief minis­ter said that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government will continue to provide free medical treatment facility to the tribal people from its own funds