LAHORE - The Normalization Committee (NC) will start registration process of football clubs under ‘FIFA Connect’ program in August as this process will restore the real structure of football in the country and help develop careers of Pakistani footballers.

NC Chairman Haroon Malik revealed this in a press release issued here on Friday. “By registering more and more players, the world will get an accurate idea of football’s popularity in Pakistan. The Urdu version of ‘FIFA Connect’ is also in the final stages of preparation that will surely help football organizers complete the registration process comfortably.”

Haroon further said: “Our first priority is to complete the PFF’s free and fair elections according to FIFA mandate. And for this purpose, the registration of clubs under the ‘FIFA Connect’ program is very essential. This is the first step towards revolutionizing football in Pakistan and this will also provide ample opportunities and due recognition to local players at national and international level.”

The football organizers also expressed their views in this regard saying the clubs are the main stakeholders of Pakistan football and the ‘FIFA Connect’ program will create a coherent record of these nurseries working at the grassroots level. “The players will get recognition at the global level and represent the country in international events as well as in the football leagues.”

Footballer Muhammad Ahmed said that registration on a big platform will awaken the spirit of the players to move forward. “The ‘FIFA Connect’ program will provide the strong base in revolutionizing the entire football system in Pakistan.”

Coach Saifullah said the entire football fraternity is glad with the lifting of ban on the PFF and eagerly waiting the revival of football in Pakistan. “The ‘FIFA Connect’ program will create a profile of not only players but also clubs and coaches, which will be recognized globally. It will enhance the global opportunities not only for the players but also for the coaches and officials.”