HYDERABAD - A man whose body was found with his hands and legs tied was allegedly killed in a road accident. An official of the Hatri police station informed here on Friday that the police initially believed that the unknown young man, who was later identified as 30 years old Tahir Mehmood Soomro, was murdered. The police official said the police started investigation from the angle of accident when the initial medical examination of the dead body showed injuries which were sustained in an accident.

“Hours after starting the probe we came to know that a Mazda truck carrying devotees to a shrine struck that passerby on the National Highway,” he told.

“Fearing the police case, the vehicle’s driver in connivance with the passengers shifted the dead body to an agricultural field and tied its hands and legs to give the impression of murder.”

The official informed that the vehicle’s driver and owner had been arrested and that the incident’s FIR was also being registered. He, however, did not disclose names of the arrested suspects.