Nation builders are suffering under the Sindh government’s policies. The visuals spreading on social media have roused a feeling of chaos among the people. Teachers, being indifferent to their gender, are humiliated on roads even though conducting peaceful strikes is their constitutional right. The prolonged delay has provoked such uncertainty among teachers that they have opted for peaceful processions.

The teachers are demanding their right to regularization but the ruling party of Sindh province is in a deep slumber of recklessness. The Sindh government seemingly is not in the mood to listen to their woes and worries. They have turned their deaf ear to the cries of teachers and blinked at their tears. The female teachers have been victimized to the core. The teachers who asked for their regularization were appreciated by the then education minister for the quality education rendered by them and these are the teachers who brought back out of school children and also retained their attendance.

Teachers are said to be the most strong pillar of any nation but this pillar is badly uprooted by the authorities due to their illogical policies. Teachers’ voice is always silenced by the unethical use of water cannons. They are put behind the bars and treated as criminals, they have been deprived of freedom of speech.

If teachers would not get their rights, how would they nurture, nourish and inculcate values of self-esteem and voice for rights among their students?

The education and the literacy departments must listen to their cries and restore them what is their right.