Pakistan Moved Away from Default, Says Miftah

Federal Minister for Finance Miftah Ismail on Tuesday said that Pakistan has moved away from the threat of default.

Addressing the ‘Turn Around Pakistan Conference’ Ismail said that Pakistan will move towards betterment and self-dependence is our destination.

“It will not be a difficult task if Pakistan moves on the road of economic growth”, finance minister said.

“We have made difficult decisions that were required and will do it again if needed in future.”

The country was facing monthly deficit of 120 billion rupees for fuel subsidy, he said.

“It is for the first time in the national history that rich people have to pay direct tax, four to 10 pct super tax,” minister said.

“This tax has been imposed over the prime minister, his sons and me among others,” finance minister told the moot.

“We have lifted tax from solar panels and agriculture. Tax has been removed from those facing problems,” he further said.

“Pakistan will move towards betterment,” he said.

“We are bringing shopkeepers into tax net and fixed tax in electricity bills,” he further said.

“Sixth IMF review was conducted in February with 1600 billion deficit, we will bring this deficit down to 152 billion,” finance minister said.

“Pakistan, with the grace of the God, has now moved away from the threat of default,” he added.

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