Pakistan passing through worst economic crisis: Pakistan Jago Tehreek

LAHORE - The Central Executive Committee and Core Committee of Pakistan Jago Tehreek jointly organised an online meeting for discussing the current political and economic situation of Pakistan under the chairmanship of Ex State Minister, senior political leader and founder of Jago Tehreek Qayyum Nizami. The participants unanimously felt that the country is passing through the worst ever economic crisis and the general public is forced to live an extremely distressful and difficult life.
The participants furher said that “elections under the prevalent capitalistic electoral system have continuously failed to produce the desired results for resolving the national and common people problems. The current electoral system allows only rich and influential people to get elected and reach the parliament and the corridors of power. As such they always support the status quo and vehemently resist any major change of the current systems. The discussion was therefore, mainly focussed on a transparent accountability and revolutionary reforms by a 3 to 5 year national care taker government before holding any elections. The care taker government should consist of capable, honest and people friendly individuals who should work with a missionary zeal to ensure the political and economic stability of the country.
They should be responsible for developing and implementing revolutionary reforms covering all the important areas including electoral, judicial, educational and all the other areas ensuring transparent governance before holding the next elections under new revised electoral system.” Another possibility of changing all the colonial systems that came under discussion during the meeting was to approach PTI Chairman Imran Khan and request him to publicly commit that once he succeeds in getting two third majority, he will change all the systems for the betterment of the country, they said. In case he makes that public announcement and also agrees to consult Pakistan Jago Tehreek for changing the systems, we should openly start supporting him. However, the participants of the meeting decided to continue discussions on these issues. A very serious concern was expressed by all the participants on the unusual price hike, joblessness, corruption, lawlessness, low literacy rate and interest based economy. The participants of this meeting included Mr. Zafar Saraf, Nawab Ghaus Bukhsh Barozai, Sahibzada Tariq Mushtaq, Gul Farkhinda Siddiqui, Dr. Amjad Ali Khan, Mubashir Iqbal, M. Zubair Shaikh, Syed Muzammal Bukhari, Tauqir Sadiq, Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, Tayyab Ahmad, Arshul Akber, Abdul Rehman Hashmi, Maqsood Hussain Khan, Raja Abdul Hafeez Advocate, Waqar Hussain Khokhar, Amjad Ali Khalifa, Dr. Rashida Qureshi, Dr. Tariq, Dr. Aizaz Ali Shah and Faraz Rashid.

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