Peshawar - Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Wednesday asked the Brick Kilns Association (Bhatta Khasht Association) to provide the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a list of 100 brick kilns that would introduce the set-up of zigzag technology in order control pollution.

Additional Advocate General Syed Sikandar Shah and EPA Deputy Director M. Mumtaz appeared in the case.

Hearing the case, PHC Chief Justice Qaiser Rasheed and Justice Arshad Ali said that rubber burnt in the brick kilns caused damage to environment and that the zigzag technology would overcome environmental pollution.

A counsel of the Brick Kilns Association told the court that EPA had sought a list of 100 kilns and declared that each unit would cost Rs2 million. However, he said that EPA was now saying that each unit of the new technology would cost Rs4 million, to which the association had an objection.

The EPA official on the occasion said that initially Rs2 million per unit had been estimated but that a recent meeting re-assessed that cost, which would increase. He said that firemen would also have to be trained for the new units of the brick kilns. The association also said that they could provide lists for Peshawar and Nowshera districts only and they do not have control over the rest of the province.

The case was adjourned till September 27.

Court moved against LG Act Amendment: Meanwhile, City Mayor of Mardan on Wednesday petitioned Peshawar High Court against KP LG Act Amendment 2022.

The petitioner said that the Act had properly mentioned roles and powers of LG representatives but the provincial assembly made an amendment, depriving them of their authority.

He added that through the amendment, even the authority of municipal services had been given to the KP Assembly members. The petitioner requested the court to stop implementation of the amendment and give the LG representatives their rights.