Saudi Arabia and the alliance of Gulf States are attacking Yemen Houthi Shia rebels who are fighting for the control of Yemen. It is not acceptable to the Saudi ruling royal family and they have asked Pakistan for military help to protect their interest in Yemen, to be ruled by their Wahhabi sect rulers. Nawaz Sharif, under personal obligation to the Saudi Royal family will only be too happy to help them, even at the cost of Pakistan national interests. Pakistan should not be involved in the Middle East mess created by Uncle Sam. Pakistan should not repeat mistakes, for which it is still paying a high price and fighting its own war for survival. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia instead of uniting the Muslim Umma is following the policy of dividing it on sectarian bases, due to its ideological difference with Iran, and toeing Uncle Sam’s policy for Middle East which is to ultimately establish Israeli hegemony in Middle East. Saudi rulers instead of spending their God-gifted wealth on Muslims to become economically and technologically strong to face the West and USA, spent billion of dollars to export Wahabi ideology into other countries. They have funded thousands of madressas in Pakistan which teaches hatred for the Shia sect and have encouraged Shia killings. Iran is Pakistan permanent neighbour and a country with democratic credentials, not like Saudi Arabia where a women cannot vote or drive a car. The PMN-L government should not put Pakistan future at stake by siding with Saudi Arabia due to personal friendship.


Lahore, March 27.