Our educational standards and English  

While examination and educational standards are consistent across countries, in developing nations like Pakistan, the situation is not the same. For example, if an exam is more challenging than what a student has been taught, they may fail or receive lower marks, leading to psychological setbacks rather than cognitive development.

In Pakistan, academic and competitive exams are generally conducted in English, despite most students studying in government institutions where they are taught in Urdu, except for English, which is compulsory. It is noteworthy that students excel in Urdu; however, when attempting competitive exams in English, many fail due to a lack of proficiency in the language or writing skills. Despite having valid ideas, many students struggle due to inadequate command of the English language.

Therefore, the Government of Pakistan and the Higher Education Commission should introduce English language education in government institutions and ensure the provision of quality English language education from the outset. This will enable students to develop proficiency and skills in English, which will benefit them in future stages of their academic and professional careers. It is crucial that the government introduces English language education in all public institutions throughout the country.


Dera Allah Yar.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt