Chinese agri machines changing lives of farmers in Pakistan

Chinese agri-machines are easing the lives of farmers in Pakistan due to their low electricity consumption and safety measures.

Sarfraz Ahmed, a farmer who recently visited a distribution centre selling Chinese products, told WealthPK that growers had to adopt modern technologies to enhance their yields. He said innovations were playing an active role in the development of agricultural sectors of various countries, but Pakistan lagged behind. 

He said smart fodder machines developed by Chinese manufacturers were a blessing for farmers in Pakistan. 

“Traditional fodder machines with heavy electric motors consumed a lot of electricity, inflating farmers’ monthly bills. Chinese fodder machines are energy-efficient, providing financial benefits to farmers,” he said. 

Yasir Sheikh, who imports Chinese machinery based on market demand, said he shared images and videos of the new machinery with potential buyers before importing them. However, he said farmers needed to be trained on how to operate these modern machines. 

He said the fodder machine was user-friendly, compact, energy-efficient and affordable.  
Sheikh said maintenance of these fodder machines was easy. 

“Chinese agricultural machinery is progressively gaining ground in Pakistan due to its efficiency and effectiveness,” he said.

Dr Ahmed, a faculty member at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, told WealthPK that without introducing modern technology for the farming community, Pakistan could not tackle the emerging challenges in agriculture. 

He said Chinese entrepreneurs were focusing on the agriculture patterns of the entire world and producing machines to suit their needs. “Pakistan must embrace modern agriculture technology to transform the sector.” 

“We have to shun traditional farming practices and embrace advancements to ease farmers' lives and bring significant improvements in fodder production. “Our farmers are still relying on traditional methods due to lack of knowledge and funds as the unbridled inflation is badly impacting their entire financial cycle,” Dr Ahmed said. 

He said some farmers had installed Chinese fodder machines and were satisfied with their high performance. “These machines save time, labour and electricity costs,” he said. 

Sarfraz Ahmed said he had ordered a fodder machine after observing how it operates during a demonstration.

He said the machine features an automatic chain conveyor, self-suction and automatic feeding. “Unlike traditional fodder machines, the blades of the Chinese machine are completely covered, eliminating any risk of accidental cuts to hands.”

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