Arya Mohallah residents face acute water shortage

RAWALPINDI - Residents of Arya Mohallah have been facing acute water shortage for the last four days.
Various streets of the area like streets 10 to 17 are receiving no water for the last many days. Water shortage, coupled with long hours of loadshedding, is making lives of the residents miserable.
The residents, while talking to this scribe, said that the concerned authorities were least interested in resolving the issue. They said that they had filed a number of complaints but the authorities are unmoved and subsequently there was no improvement in the water supply situation in their area.
They said that the officials should take steps in view of increased demand. They should have installed more tubewells in congested Arya Mohallah.
The water crisis in Arya Mohallah is getting worse day by day, but authorities are doing nothing to solve the issue.
The residents said, when they contact concerned officials, they cite different excuses including loadshedding, fault in tubewell motor etc for the shortage, or even zero supply of water.
They appealed to the Punjab chief minister and other higher authorities to look into the matter and solve this acute problem.

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