KARACHI- Pakistan Peoples' Party Sindh general secretary Taj Haider in a press statement has termed the petition filed by Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (PTI) against the ruling of Speaker National Assembly Dr. Fehmida Mirza a cheap attempt at scandalizing the issue and trying to mislead and politicize the SC.

In a press statement issued by PPP secretary general office on Tuesday stated that PTI had built its case on false and malicious statement contained in Para IV (g) of their petition that Fehmida Mirza was "not directly elected and came to the House on special quota".

The facts are that Dr Fehmida Mirza had won general elections on NA-225 Badin II by securing 88,983 votes and had defeated her close opponent Bibi Yasmeen Shah by a huge margin of 64,495 votes. Her earlier tenures as a member of the National Assembly were also from this general seat and not on any special quota.

Taj Haider said that while the PTI leadership is legendary for its ignorance of well known facts, Hamid Khan a senior advocate of Supreme Court, is not expected not to know this fact about the Speaker or not to check this fact before submitting a petition.

The only motive behind his 'ignorance' is to defame the Speaker, confuse the public and to drag Judiciary into politics.

The elevation to the office of the Speaker of Dr Fehmida Mirza, who had fought so valiantly against dictators and gained immense support and respect of her constituents, was well deserved. Her conduct in her office for more than 4 years has added to her stature.

Her bold stand to defend an elected member of the House, who had refused to violate the Constitution by refusing to throw the elected President of Pakistan at the mercy of a foreign investigating officer in a closed case, shall go down in history.