On Wednesday May 28, 1998 Pakistan became first Muslim and seventh nuclear power of the world. On 14th August we got independence while on 28th May, we secured our independence. It must be mentioned that Pakistan started its nuclear programme after India had gone nuclear on May 6, 1976. Reportedly, Pakistan has also tested its nuclear cold test in 1981. Since that day, Pakistan‘s nuclear programme has deterred India to cast its evil eyes on Pakistan. India conducted its second nuclear test on 11 and 13 May, 1998. Indian Premier Vajpayee threatened to move into Azad Kashmir. Pakistan’s nuclear sites for test were also ready. Our scientists and engineers on a short notice made arrangements for the test. Then there was also the threat of attack on our nuclear sights from India and Israel. Pakistan responded to threats and conveyed to India that it would face a befitting reply.

During Sino-India war in 1962, Pakistan was in a position to settle scores with India on Kashmir border but American delegation came with bright offers that assured resolution of Kashmir issue. Consequently, Pakistan got trapped and Kashmir issue still stands unresolved. In May 1998, American again offered huge economic aid to Pakistan for abstaining from conducting the nuclear test. But then prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif turned down all the greedy offers, went ahead and decided to conduct the test. Had Pakistan not tested, it would have been a great blow to the morale of the nation. Now, we would have been facing inspections of IAEA. Proudly, Pakistan’s nuclear and missile programmes are the best in the world and India is no match for Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that it was Editor-in-Chief Nawa-i-Waqt Group Majid Nizami who urged Nawaz Sharif to test nuclear weapon. Mr Nizami has always kept his horses ready against the enemy. It is he who rightly opposes useless ventures like Amman Ki Asha or granting of the MFN status stressing that first the core issue of Kashmir should be resolved. The Nation and Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust also are playing a great role in creating awareness about country’s history and the role of the founding fathers.

Pakistan’s nuclear programme is the prime target of America, India, and Israel. The western world looks upon Pakistan as the saviour of the Muslim Ummah and keeps on containing it. That is why, the term “Islamic Bomb” was coined to specify Pakistan’s nuclear programme. We have no aggressive designs against our neighbours as India has but we must remain fully vigilant and prepared against our enemies who want to defang a nuclear Pakistan.


Multan, May 27.