LAHORE – Governor Punjab Sardar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa has said that it was responsibility of the provincial government to hold local government elections and ensure provision of basic facilities to the masses at the grass root level. Speaking at the launching ceremony of ‘Social Audit of Local Governance and delivery of Public Services Report 2011-12’ here at a local hotel on Tuesday, he said that after passage of 18th constitutional amendment, section 140-A bound provincial government to hold LG elections. Aurat Foundation and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organized the ceremony at a local hotel on Tuesday. Eight public sector universities carried out survey in specific districts in the country, analyzed collected data and prepared the report with the assistance of UNDP experts. “Punjab Government should do legislation on LG, create balance between provincial and LG institutions and devolve powers at grass root level. PPP believes in democracy and taking practical measures to ensure continuity of the process. But the attitude of PML-N government in Punjab is undemocratic. I had sent back a number of bills to the Punjab assembly for reconsideration as these were not only against public interests but also violation of the constitution”, Latif Khan Khosa said, adding, that this was done not due to any grudge but in larger public interest. He said that the PPP believed in reconciliation but the attitude of PML-N was contrary to the democratic norms. He urged Supreme Court to decide Asgher Khan case at the earliest as the nation was waiting for verdict on it. Criticizing the Punjab government and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, he said that people of the province have no access to clean water but some preferred to visit London for ordinary medical tests. He said that Shahbaz Sharif was an unconstitutional Chief Minister as he wasn’t the elected member of the Punjab Assembly. He said the Punjab government had turned the province into a police state. He said that PPP government always supported continuation of democratic system but contrary to this, the attitude of Punjab government was dictatorial. Earlier, Dr Masood Sarwar briefed the participants about the process and tools used in survey and recommendations made by the experts in the light of collected data. The report urged the provinces to take necessary decisions to put LG back on track in whatever form is deemed suitable, release funds earmarked for CCBs. It suggested drawing best points from LG 1979 and LG 2001, creation of a balance between elected representatives at local level and the government machinery at local and provincial level. It stressed upon making efforts for improving existing water sources, the quality of water and promotion of safe sanitation practices.