MULTAN - Highly enraged on prolonged power outages, the citizens held a string of protest demonstrations against the federal government and Wapda in different areas of Multan on Tuesday. The protesters held cops hostage during a demo, who were later on released following talks.

The demonstrations were held in Hassanabad, Qadirpur Rawan and New Multan areas.

The protesters carried out non-stop sloganeering against the government and demanded resignation of prime minister. They were also holding placards and banners inscribed with their demands.

In Hassanabad area, initially a group of angry citizen gathered on main road and blocked it to traffic. When police asked them to open the road, they started pelting stones on them and then held some cops hostage.

However, senior police officers held talks with the protesters, who agreed to release the cops. Similarly, the residents of Qadirpur Rawan blocked Multan-Lahore Road by placing burning tyres.

They said that unscheduled loadshedding shattered the business of life as a result of which thousands of citizens lost their jobs.

They demanded the government to adopt immediate steps to end loadshedding.