DNA unacceptable as primary evidence in rape cases: CII


The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has said that DNA as primary evidence is not acceptable in rape cases. However, the CII was of the view that DNA could only be used as secondary evidence.A meeting of CII headed by Maulana Muhammad Khan Sheerani was held here on Wednesday. The council said that DNA test is not acceptable but it could be considered as supporting evidence in rape cases.
The CII said that Islam sets procedures to determine crime cases of rape. The council said that the existing blasphemy law should not be amended, saying that all the prophets are equally respectable. It declared that human cloning is prohibited.
The CII, while putting aside all reservation of critics over blasphemy law in the country, said that there was no need of amendment in the law. The council members believe that law is fine to deal with the cases, adding that the Council of Islamic Ideology is the elite body to regulate religious influence over the law in a country where majority of people favour implementation of Islamic values.
Agencies add: Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi clarified that all members of the council agreed that blasphemy law should stay; however, its misuse should be halted regardless of the religion.  “No one should be permitted to misuse the law, whether one is Muslim or non-Muslim,” Ashrafi said.
The council also recommended using Islamic words (like Allah, Paighambar, Rasool, Masjid) should not be replaced by the identical synonyms in other languages.
The council also expressed strong reservations over the exclusion of Islamic, national ideology related and religious courses from the educational curriculum of Punjab.
The two days 191 Islamic Ideological Conference ended here Wednesday, headed by CII Chairman Senator Maulana Sheerani.
The council showed strong reservations over the exclusion of religious books from the curriculum and said it plays vital role in moulding the lives of citizens.
The council reviewed the old courses of Punjab and said that changes were made against the ideological basis of Pakistan, so they should be taken back.The council directed the DG Research and Secretary Council that educational ministries of all the four provinces should be consulted to dispatch course books from play group up to 10th class so that the council can spot the defects in the educational courses.

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