LAHORE - The Price Control Committee and price control magistrates have failed to rein in profiteers in the holy month of Ramazan.

On Tuesday, banana was sold at Rs140 to Rs220 in the open market as well as Ramazan bazaars. Apricot was sold at Rs140 both in open market and at Ramazan bazaars set up by the government.

Price control magistrates raided 1,051 places in the city to check profiteering, imposed a fine of Rs37,900 of profiteers and ticketed 31 shopkeepers.

During raids on profiteers selling fruits and vegetables at inflated rates in the open market, 54 FIRs were lodged against vendors over violation of official price list and 56 people were arrested and sent to jail over profiteering.

The deputy commissioner has directed the price control magistrate to continue crackdown on those involved in short weighing, overcharging and hoarding.

At least 30 Ramazan bazaars in the city are supplying sugar, flour and beverages to people, but authorities have been unable to control the prices.