RAWALPINDI - City Traffic Police under their ongoing drive against wheelers netted 48 during Ramazan while 48 FIRs under sections 99/A and 279 were also registered in New Town, Waris Khan and R A Bazaar police stations.

According to Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Rawalpindi Bin Yousaf, 1,500 motorcycles prepared for wheeling and other violations were also impounded under section-550.

He said that a large number of underage drivers were issued tickets on rash and dangerous driving. He said that special squads of CTP were taking action in accordance with the law against wheelers and car-skaters and making efforts to control the activity.

Though, the activity was already being checked by traffic wardens but now, several other arrangements had been made to curb the activity, he added.

Special squads comprising Traffic Wardens and District Police personnel were deployed at Murree Road, Flyovers, Peshawar Road, Mall Road, Airport Road and other main city roads.

He informed that Traffic Police officers were directed to keep a vigilant eye on the one-wheelers so that action in accordance with the law could be taken against them.

The CTO said strict action would also be taken against motorcycle mechanics, altering motorcycles for race and one-wheeling.

The cases under section 99/A and 279 would be registered against them and they would be sent behind the bars, he added.

He said one-wheelers were not only playing with their own lives but they were also a threat for other road users that is why stern action was being taken against them.