LAHORE - An old PML-N worker Kabir Taj has been appointed Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz and a notification has been issued in this regard. The CM appointed Kabir Taj his political secretary on account of his invaluable services. The CM lauded that Kabir Taj was an old and loyal associate and a leader of the PMLN with 40 years long association with the party. Hamza Shahbaz said that Kabir Taj is included among the most loyal leaders of PMLN and further appreciated that Kabir Taj worked outstandingly for the party during the quarter to four years tenure of the opposition. Hamza Shahbaz Sharif also went to the residence of Kabir Taj on the very next day after getting released. Kabir Taj is known to be an extremely close companion of the Sharif family. Kabir Taj’s father Sheikh Taj-ud-Din also worked day and night for the uplift of the party in interior Lahore.