Karachi, the largest economical hub of the country, met with the third explosion after the takeover of this new government where innocent people lost their precious lives. The city of lights met with the recent blast yesterday in which a woman died and a dozen were injured including police officers. It looks like law enforcement agencies have failed again to maintain law and order in the city. A woman blasted herself at the gate of Karachi University where Chinese professors became the chief victims.

Though the security officers reached the spot on time to rescue the injured people, who will bring back the life of a mother whose daughter was crying and calling her mother to come back! The area where the blast occurred is densely populated and it could have more damage. The administrator of Karachi said the cause of the blast is still unidentified and they are working on it. Pakistan, particularly Karachi has witnessed many such incidents in the recent past causing the lives of many innocents.

The current democratic government should take immediate actions against the culprits and should severely be punished. The city of lights is also one of the largest cities in Pakistan and has the largest population as well. People around the country visit Karachi for jobs and other purposes. It should be the top priority of law enforcement agencies to maintain peace in the city. The people of Karachi have sacrificed many lives in such brutal blasts in recent years. Therefore, the government should take timely actions to avoid such heinous acts in future.