A Close Contest

With a narrow victory of four points in the runoff contest on Sunday, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan secured another five-year term in power, with Türkiye now entering a historic third decade of his term. The large crowd in attendance in the Palace after his victory shows the extent of the popularity of the President, but the fact that the President was only four points above his rival indicates that this was a close-fought victory.
With another five years to work on bringing economic activity to previously high levels, the president has the opportunity to tackle the high inflation that experts state worked in the favour of his opponents in this presidential race. The Turkish Lira has been at record lows with the central bank struggling to meet the rising demand for foreign currency. The factors behind the economic crisis are much the same as here, although naturally in Pakistan the situation is more extreme due to exacerbated vulnerabilities and a weaker system overall.
For the President, the path ahead is clear. Rejuvenating the Turkish tourist industry—a key driver of foreign exchange—will help Türkiye move towards progress once again.
In terms of foreign relations, the President’s victory is positive for Pakistan’s relationship with Ankara. Türkiye and Pakistan have only developed a closer bond under President Erdogan, and with the rise of anti-Middle Eastern and South Asian sentiment in the lead-up to the polls, it is positive for all political stakeholders in Pakistan to have a government in Türkiye that they have a strong bond with. No new ground will have to be broken, and it is hoped that the government of Pakistan can make ties even stronger going forward. Economic cooperation should naturally be made a priority. Türkiye has helped Pakistan on its path to development in the past, but more can always be done to expand ties.

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