Food wasted  

The revelation made in the documents of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, stating that despite suffering from acute malnutrition, four billion dollars’ worth of food is wasted in Pakistan every year, is undoubtedly a matter of concern for the entire Pakistani nation.

According to the published newspaper report, about 26 percent of the annual domestic production, which amounts to more than a quarter of food, is wasted in Pakistan. The total amount wasted annually is 19.6 million tons. This food is wasted due to various reasons, including fresh food that does not meet the criteria of shape, size, and color, substandard food identified during the sorting process in factories, and expired food being discarded.

However, although these reasons may contribute to food wastage, it cannot be justified. All possible measures should be taken to prevent the quality of food items from being affected. According to the Ministry of Food Security, the largest amount of food wastage occurs in our kitchens and catering centers. Leftover food from excessive preparation is wasted, but proactive measures can be taken to arrange its delivery to those in need, thereby avoiding wastage.

In the current crisis of the national economy, it is the responsibility of the entire nation to prevent the wastage of four billion dollars worth of food. However, during weddings and other events, people tend to overeat and take more than necessary.

This behavior can be seen as an unfortunate disregard. Malnutrition goes against our religious teachings and cultural values, so it is crucial to take the necessary steps to positively change these attitudes through awareness campaigns.



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