Seven Islamabad police stations solarized to save Rs 74m

ISLAMABAD-The Islamabad Capital Territory Police have saved Rs. 74 million by shifting seven police stations and various offices to an efficient energy system.
According to the vision of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and following the approval of Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan, the police introduced an environment-friendly major energy saving project.
All police stations, lines, safe city, offices and other buildings and equipment of Islamabad Capital Police are being shifted to an efficient energy system. i.e., solar energy.
Under this project, the power source of all devices will be converted to solar energy and the main objective of this whole project is to ensure austerity and save energy.
During the last three months, this ongoing initiative has resulted in remarkable achievements and implementation of solar energy system in seven police stations including Golra, Sihala, Women, Bhara Kahu, Shahzad Town, Sabzi Mandi, and Tarnol which led to substantial savings.
The police have saved 68,648 units of electricity and saved around Rs. 74 million after shifting to this system.
By adopting solar energy system, the police contributed towards a friendly environment.
The funds previously allocated for electricity bills can be utilized to support operational duties effectively.
The adoption of solar power system demonstrates Islamabad capital police’s commitment for pollution-free and greener Islamabad. This project will not only transform police stations into ‘green police stations’ but also to contribute towards eco-friendly Islamabad. Furthermore, the integration of solar energy ensures an uninterrupted supply of electricity to police stations by replacing conventional energy sources.
The police department is actively exploring additional measures to enhance the efficiency of the solar power system and its output would be further improved in near future.

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