CJP reacts to British HC remarks on general elections

Chief Justice Isa defends decision on elections 2024, urges UK to acknowledge past mistakes

ISLAMABAD   -   The Supreme Court of Pakistan Wednesday wrote to British High Commissioner Jane Marriott in Islamabad, emphasising that the court has rectified its past mistakes and urging the United Kingdom to do the same.

The SCP Registrar, on the instructions of the Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa, wrote a letter to the British High Commissioner in Pakistan Jane Marriott, in reaction to her speech at Asma Jehangir Conference; underlining the importance of democracy, elections and the need for open societies.

 It is essential to hold elections within 90 days of the completion of the terms of the national and provincial assemblies in Pakistan. The elections were delayed because the president and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) could not agree on who had the authority to announce the election date, the letter explained.

 It added, “The Supreme Court resolved this matter within 12 days, and general elections were held across Pakistan on February 8, 2024.” “The Supreme Court of Pakistan has addressed its mistakes, and it is imperative that the UK also acknowledges and rectifies its own,” the letter stated. It mentioned the 1953 coup in Iran and the establishment of the state of Israel through the Balfour Declaration as historical errors.

The letter highlighted High Commissioner Marriott’s passionate speech at the Asma Jahangir Conference, where she emphasized the importance of democracy, elections, and open societies. It also said, “The interest shown by the British government is welcome.”

The Registrar of the Supreme Court called for moving away from the brink of settler colonialism’s racial superiority. “Let us all stand for equality, peace, and humanity,” the letter urged.

“Let us be honest and acknowledge past mistakes with a spirit of openness. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has recognised its past errors, addressed them in detail, and taken steps to ensure they are not repeated,” it stated.

The letter concluded by noting, “As King Charles III’s government emphasises the need for open societies and democracy… we express our sincere hopes and good wishes for the openness and democratic aspirations of your country’s people.”

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