Railways to install escalators for specially-abled persons at major stations

LAHORE  -  The Pakistan Railways will install escalators at major railway stations for the specially-abled individuals in a significant move to enhance accessibility.  The announcement was made by Chief Executive Officer and Senior General Manager of Railways Amir Ali Baloch during an e-court session, while addressing the public issues on Wednesday.

He highlighted various initiatives aimed at improving passenger experiences, including a reduction in fares to alleviate financial burdens on travelers. He emphasised a zero-tolerance policy towards overcharging, assuring strict legal action against violators.

Addressing health concerns, Baloch announced that stringent measures would be enforced to prevent smoking on trains, ensuring a smoke-free environment for passengers. He also directed all divisional officers to guarantee the availability of clean water and shaded seating areas at stations, particularly during the summer months.

The CEO acknowledged reports of beggars and unauthorised vendors on trains, vowing to take strict action against those responsible for their presence. Additionally, he emphasised that no bank has the authority to withhold the salary of a railway employee, and efforts are ongoing to eliminate delays in salary payments.

At Rahim Yar Khan station, Baloch addressed the issue of limited parking space, instructing the divisional officer to ensure unblocked parking and improved passenger conveniences. He also mentioned plans to install CCTV cameras on trains, with a mechanism in place to prevent damage to the equipment.

During the e-court session, which garnered over ten thousand comments, the CEO reiterated his commitment to improving the railway service and addressing public grievances efficiently.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt