Bomb on wheels

CNG supply for vehicles must be discontinued completely, the uses of low quality cylinders in vehicles is killing people. In the light of the high prices of petrol, people are forced to look away from this menace and move on, but how many people have to die for the government to take any steps to curtail or control this? The low pressure of gas in residences will force people to use gas cylinders at home, preparing the way for deaths in houses and shops. There has to be a way out, after all man moved out of the caves and built skyscrapers, and we have new technology to meet our needs. Pakistan has to move forward and out of these daily mundane problems so that the youth and others can work towards the development of this country. I beseech the authorities to either ban the usage of LPG or have some kind of authority that can give them safety clearance before they are installed in mini-busses or homes.
Karachi, November 23.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt