The health and fitness industry is one that is always on the uprise with more and more people joining of a health/fitness club to stay healthy, lose weight, optimise strength and endurance, to get a better-looking body, and improve overall appearance.

However, getting yourself into a fitness routine is a daunting process, where most of us do not want to be dragging ourselves on the treadmill after or before a long a day ahead. AimFit however has changed what it means to workout.

Creating fun and safe spaces for women, AimFit is the only place that has opened up new venues and ways of starting your energy towards fitness. A start up idea of two brilliant sisters, Mahalaqa and Noor, in just a little tie AimFit is now the go to for many women.

Mahlaqa’s and Noor’s personal fitness journey began when both sisters, while studying at Oxford University, started rowing for their college. The 5 am running and rowing sessions immediately got them hooked to feeling strong, healthy and fit. Upon their return to Pakistan in the summer of 2014, they realised that unfortunately adults in Pakistan, especially the youth, were missing out on the fitness drug.

Lack of challenging yet fun, communal group fitness centres prompted them to start a fitness movement and AimFit was born. Both sisters set out to create magic in group fitness classes and were overwhelmed by the response. Their promise to all AimFitters is one of high-quality and effective service delivered by qualified professionals.

AimFit is revolutionizing group fitness classes with the help of their highly qualified instructors that bring an energy to a class that has never been experienced before. The fully customizable platform is designed to engage members in the fitness journey that allows them to not only go after what they are aiming through those classes, but have fun with it also.

Talking to Mahlaqa Shaukat, who runs AimFit, she stated, “I want to revolutionize fitness in Pakistan. I want everyone to start taking care of their bodies and plan for the future. It does not matter if you are fat or skinny, what matters when you come here to our classes is that start your fitness journey, do what you like, try everything we have to offer and just have fun while doing it! Our message is to ensure that people take time out from their busy schedules and

start thinking about taking care of their selves when thats what will matter the most!”

"As group fitness continues to gain in popularity, many class leaders have encountered struggles associated with leading a large group of people while also offering a personalized experience to each attendee," she said.

"However, witnessing it first hand at the Meet, Mingle hosted by the sisters, I was able to see how each individual is always given attention and pumped up to achieve their best selves in each class. The trainers are focused on form and function and are able to provide modifications allowing clients to work at their own level. The AimFit Revolution focuses on creating a workout environment that allows you to let go and be free," she added.