22 out of over 50 missing Baloch students recovered, IHC told

ISLAMABAD  -  The Islamabad High Court (IHC) was Wednesday informed that 22 out of over 50 missing Baloch students have been recovered

In this regard, Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP) Mansoor Usman Awan assured the court that the remaining 28 students would be recov­ered soon and efforts will also be made to recover all the missing persons.

The AGP stated this before a single bench of IHC comprising Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani during the hearing of a case regarding the implementa­tion of the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances. 

Previously, the court had directed Caretak­er Prime Minister Anwaar ul Haq Kakar, Defense Minister and others to appear in person before the court if they do not secure the recovery of more than 50 allegedly missing Baloch students. How­ever, the prime minister did not attend the hear­ing and interim Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti, Human Rights Minister Khalil George and the fam­ilies of the missing Baloch youth were present in the court. During the hearing, the AGP informed the bench that 22 allegedly missing Baloch stu­dents had been recovered while the whereabouts of 28 others were still unknown. He told the court that the interim premier could not appear before the court as he was on an official visit abroad.

Awan said that 22 Baloch students had been re­covered and sent back home while 28 were still missing. He added, “I assure the court that we will make every possible effort to ensure the recovery of all these persons.”

Justice Kayani remarked that it was a matter of fundamental rights and the things were being done in the country without any fear of conse­quences. “We just need one result, either recover the missing persons or tell us they’re going un­der trial and if the matter is not solved, I’ll pass the order to register case against you and interim prime minister. It’s simple and straight, you and PM will have to go home,” said Justice Kayani in clear words. “The secretary interior and secretary defence will also be prosecuted.” said the judge to Interim Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti.

He asked the interior minister whether he had seen the commission’s report, to which the minis­ter replied in the affirmative.

The judge observed that all the missing persons in question were students.

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