Big Tech in charge as ChatGPT turns one

Washington - A year after the historymaking release of Chat- GPT, the AI revolution is here, but the recent boardroom crisis at OpenAI, the super app’s company, has erased any doubt that Big Tech is in charge. In some ways, the discreet reveal of ChatGPT on November 30 last year was the revenge of the geeks, the unsung researchers and engineers who have been quietly building generative AI behind the scenes. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, a well-known figure in technology circles, but still little known beyond that, with the release of ChatGPT made sure that this unheralded AI tech would get the attention it deserves. ChatGPT became the fastest adopted app in history (since taken over by Meta’s Threads) as users marveled at the generation of poems, recipes -- or whatever the internet could muster -- in just seconds. Altman’s gamble catapulted the 38-yearold Stanford dropout to household name stardom -- making him a sort of philosopher king of AI with world leaders and tycoons hanging on to his every word. With AI, “you’re in the business of making and selling things you can’t put your hands on,” said University of Washington historian Margaret O’Mara and author of “The Code”, a history of Silicon Valley. “Having a figurehead of someone who can explain it, especially when it’s advanced technology, is really important,” she added.

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