Jannat Se Aagay: A Thought-Provoking Journey into the World of Media Manipulation

When Pakistan’s finest drama writers are brought to notice, Umera Ahmed always tops the list. An asset for the country, Ahmed has gained widespread popularity among readers in a very less frame of time. Her writings often explore social issues, human psychology, and spiritual themes, earning her acclaim for her storytelling and narrative style in Pakistani literature as well as media. 

When the news of her next drama “Jannat se Aagay” made it to social media, her fans were absolutely overjoyed, expecting something poignant.

But did Umera Ahmed manage to lure the audience with Jannat Se Aagay or not?

JSA is a great story that emphasizes questioning about media ethics. It was carried by a stellar cast with Kubra Khan and Ramsha Khan in leading roles, however Gohar Rasheed, Saboor Aly, and Talha Chahour were seen in supporting roles.

The story revolves around Kubra’s character (Jannat) who is a morning show host and how her personal life is impacted by the unnecessary limelight. Then we had Ramsha’s character (Tabassum) a lower-middle class student who admires Jannat profoundly, is a fierce supporter of Jannat’s morning show and direly wishes to have a fanciful life- just like her celebrity crush, Jannat Ali Khan. 

The drama explored the difficulties faced by an ambitious woman while dealing with a troubled marriage and her desire to be more successful. Umera set a great premise of the plot showcasing how a girl from a humble background wants to become exactly like the celebrity she loves and determined to let go even her self-respect in her quest to be one. 

Without a doubt, the actors delivered spectacular performances, keeping the audience glued to the screens, rooting for Jannat’s character and being wary of Tabassum and her greed. Ramsha Khan has performed Tabassum’s innocent and heroic worship in the best possible way.

Umera perfectly portrayed Jannat’s character arc through her journey from rags to riches.

However, one thing that we wished as an audience was that the story could have gone without showing a cheating husband. It’s not that such men don’t exist, but such depiction gives away the idea that most  celebrities tend to have such households only.

On the brighter side, we have a pretty stark portrayal of media, morning shows, and the fact that all that glitters is not gold. The lady smiling on the TV screen every day might be going through a lot personally. 

We look forward to more stories like these under brilliant direction and remarkable actors who give us an insight into a world we don't have access to. However, God knows when the toxicity of game shows will be brought to light like this?! 

The author is a high-school teacher, considerate mentor and a passionate learner. She pinpoints fashion trends and loves writing about all the chic people in the glossy industry as well as about the drifts in the fast-paced fashion industry.

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