Traffic chaos in Larkana

Unlike developed countries where citizens enjoy well-maintained roads and efficient traffic systems, we face depriva­tion in Sindh, especially in Larka­na, where the roads are perilous. Traffic has emerged as a critical is­sue in the city.

During the morning rush, school-going students and other citizens find it incredibly challenging to reach their destinations on time. This results in a lack of interest and productivity at school and work.

Moreover, the alarming aspect is that during traffic congestion, cit­izens resort to side streets, lead­ing to minor accidents involving children and causing frustration among families due to disruptive vehicle noise.

The traffic police department has failed to manage traffic effec­tively in the city. Surprisingly, traf­fic police sergeants are often seen engrossed in personal activities, such as using mobile phones, hav­ing tea, or chatting with colleagues in a corner during their duty.

A plea is extended to the govern­ment and concerned authorities to take strict notice and ensure that traffic police sergeants per­form their duties better, enforcing traffic rules effectively.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt