Trans rights rally

In Pakistan, surviving as a trans­gender individual, like other marginalised identities, means navigating a world that seeks to erase you.

On November 20th, the most oppressed and vulnerable com­munity marked a historic mo­ment with the Sindh Moorat March in Karachi. Transgender persons, pouring in from across Pakistan, added flamboyance and celebrated their presence with the powerful slogan: “existence, resistance, and resilience.” Hu­man rights activists and civil so­ciety also joined in support.

During the march, transgen­der people from various provinc­es raised placards and banners, advocating for their fundamen­tal rights. Key concerns included the implementation of a transgen­der quota in the public sector in Sindh, putting an end to hate cam­paigns leading to hate crimes, and addressing the issue of families disowning transgender individu­als, often accepting blood money from murderers.

According to Trans Alliance re­ports from 2015 to 2022, 91 trans­gender individuals have been murdered, with over 2000 cases of violence registered. Many cas­es go unreported due to the lack of complaints or the influence of privileged elites. The transgender community often faces exclusion from society, limited to begging, dancing, or engaging in sex work for survival. Denied education and vocational skills, they endure rid­icule for their means of earning a living. Recognition and integra­tion into mainstream society re­main contentious issues. Discrimi­nation and deep-rooted prejudices against transgender individuals must be deemed illegal and crim­inalised for progress to be made.



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