Workshop highlights vitality of crime scene investigation

ISLAMABAD  -  PIFFERS Security Services, the leading security services provid­er in Pakistan, has taken a ground­breaking approach by organizing a complimentary Crime Scene In­vestigation (CSI) workshop in La­hore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

The workshop, which was at­tended by diplomats, heads of security setups of multinational organizations, bureaucrats, jour­nalists, and other professionals, aimed to enhance understanding of criminal behaviour and equip individuals to contribute effec­tively to law enforcement and jus­tice systems.

Crime scene investigation plays a crucial role in criminal investi­gations, and the workshop aimed to provide the participants with a deeper understanding of this field. By raising awareness about the importance of evidence handling and forensic processes, the work­shop aimed to foster a more in­formed and engaged community.

The workshop was conduct­ed by Prof Dr Syed Shoaib Shah, a world-renowned forensic expert. Dr Shah, a graduate of Nishter Medical College Multan, holds a PhD in Human Genetics and Mo­lecular Medicines. He is not only the first Pakistani to be board cer­tified in forensic medicine but also a certified forensic consultant by the American College of Forensic Examiners International.

Dr Shah’s expertise and experi­ence in the field of forensic medi­cine made him the perfect choice to lead the CSI workshop. His knowl­edge and insights into criminal in­vestigations have helped countless law enforcement agencies and jus­tice systems around the world.

“We are proud to have organ­ized this complimentary CSI work­shop in collaboration with Dr Syed Shoaib Shah,” said Cdr M Asad Qureshi, CEO of PIFFERS Security Services. “The workshop aimed to strengthen the understanding of crime scene investigation among professionals from various sec­tors, enabling them to contribute effectively to the security and jus­tice systems of Pakistan.”

The participants of the work­shop expressed their gratitude to­wards PIFFERS Security Services for organizing such an informative and engaging event. They high­lighted the importance of such in­itiatives in building a safer and more secure society.

PIFFERS Security Services is committed to providing top-notch security solutions and continu­ously strives to enhance its servic­es through innovative approach­es. The successful completion of the CSI workshop is a testament to the company’s dedication to pro­moting knowledge and expertise in the field of security and law en­forcement.

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