The BJP officially adopted Hindutva as its ideology in its 1989 Palampur resolution. The BJP claims that Hindutva represents “cultural nationalism” and its conception of “Indian nationhood”, but not a religious or theocratic concept. It is “India’s identity.”

A totally false notion used as a shield to crush minorities, especially Muslims, all over India particularly in Indian Occupied Kashmir. The statelessness position of over 2 million people, mostly Muslims, in Assam speaks volumes of Modi’s Machiavellianism and a very dirty picture of Hindutva. There is no dearth of ill-minded people in this world who make lives of masses miserable & unlivable.

History is replete with such examples. Through a Frankenstein’s monster of presidential decree, fascist Modi turned Kashmir into a black hole where life has become to a standstill. Pakistan is trying its level best to win diplomatically battle for Kashmiris by pressurizing India to restore IOK pre - 05th August 2019 status. Unfortunately, the world’s apathy towards Kashmir is bemoaning. Those who hold the flag of liberation of human rights are also in deep slumber. Should not they come out of this sleep and raise voice for the rights of Kashmiris.

Apparently, we are at the brink of a nuclear war if things are not settled wisely. The insanity of fascist Modi has turned India in to a fire-ball where BJP followers are crazily going against Muslims all over India without knowing the backlash and repercussion of such actions. Tyranny cannot be tolerated for a long time.

A time comes where tables are turned on mighty forces. The present scenario of South Asia is very precarious and the only solution to this burning issue is giving the right of plebiscite to Kashmiris for deciding their future and fate lest India may lament for her unconstitutional actions.