FAISALABAD    -   As many as 22 po­licemen were punished on various charges, including misconduct, corruption, negligence and absence from duty, here on Thurs­day. CPO Umar Saeed Ma­lik issued orders for dis­missal of constable Naveed Ahmed from service over long absence from duty besides proving guilty in a cyber crime case. Con­stable M Akram was also dismissed on absence from duty. One-year incre­ment of Amir Shehzad was stopped over detaining nine people illegally while the service of constable M Amjad was forfeited. Two increments of ASI Hassan Mahmood were deducted from salary and one incre­ment was deducted from the salary of head con­stable M Mukhtar Ali over negligence. Similarly, 15 other officials were also awarded different punish­ments.