MIRPURKHAS-Acute water shortage persisting in the city for the last two months causing great difficulties to the citizens. According to a survey conducted by this correspondent here on Thursday Muhammad Ali Bhurgari, president tail end abadgar association Nara canal has alleged that there was about 7 lakhs population of the city and various water supply schemes existed here but for last two months acute water shortage persisting as a result citizens compelled to buy the drinking waters from local markets. He blamed that public health engineering department Mirpurkhas officers were responsible to supply very short quantity of contaminated water as Irrigation department had closed the water supply from canals after flood condition.

 The old stored water in water reservoirs had contaminated as result public health engineering department Mirpurkhas were ensure short supply of contaminated water as result different water borne diseases spread in the city and its outskirts areas.

Hayat Qureshi said that citizens were disturbed severally owing to acute shortage of water supply. He deplored that citizens have been making complaints but no any officer ready to heir the complaints and resolve the water issues.

Muhammad Ismail regretted that purchasing of water from local markets had increased after acute shortage of water, as very little quantity of contaminated water being supplied to the citizen as result water born diseases spreading in the city. Sohail Ahmed deplored that day night citizens waited the water supply but in a week contaminated water was supplied. He regretted that despite repeated complaints no authority take the notice and resolve the complaints of masses. When contacted an officer of public health engineering department Mirpurkhas on the promise of anonymity said that irrigation department had closed the water supply as result acute shortage of water persisting in water reservoirs of water supply schemes. He said that we were supplying the stored water as per announced schedule.