With another four Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, it is unclear if the global community will speak out against the consistent human rights violations. The past six months have seen the Israel state step up its operations against Palestinians in the form of raids without any explanation as to why specific groups or individuals are being targeted.

The Israeli state claims that these are all suspects of street attacks against Israeli civilians, but there is no way to tell whether those targeted have even committed any violence against Israel or its citizens. Judging by previous cases of innocents being slaughtered by the Israeli forces, it will not be surprising to find out that the four killed this week were also unlinked to the violence but were ruthlessly targeted and killed by the apartheid state.

Those that are apprehended as a result of these raids do not even get a trial, and the way these four civilians were killed indicates that the Israeli state was only out for blood, and not justice. From journalists to innocent civilians, extrajudicial killings have become a troubling norm in Palestine at the hands of the occupying state, and the global community has essentially turned a blind eye to this.

There are no two ways about this; the reason the Palestine conflict continues is that it is in the Israel state’s interest to keep the violence going. The apartheid state is content with slowly grinding down any resistance, while also committing war crimes like this so that there continues to be a reason to carry out the raids and attacks against innocent civilians. Unless the global community speaks out against this daily violation of human rights, and Israel’s staunchest ally in the US allows for some transparent scrutiny on the war crimes, the brazen excesses committed by the Israeli state and its armed forces will continue.