Pakistan, at 75, has touched its maturity level, but moral standards and character decay day in, and day out. Natural calamities and treatment against marginalized people have always exposed us, and belittled our reputation and reverence, too, wreaked an utter ignominy. The subject of “character building and morale standing” is the prerequisite for taking any other course like political stability, economic sustainability, speedy justice, institutional good governance, improvement of infrastructure, upholding fair and transparent elections, assurance of meritocracy, etc. The pillar of any perceptible optimistic change is based on the aforesaid subject, worth of it must not be undermined at any cost.

In this context, the famous adage says “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost much is lost. But when a character is lost everything is lost.” Without an iota of doubt, we have lost everything on every stage despite having plenty of natural resources, a young labour force, strategic location, intellectual minds, and whatnot. Nothing is more menacing to the national interest than the damage to character and morale durability, greater than any external hazard. Peril lies within the boundaries of the country, even fighting and defending against attacks from neighbours on borderlines would emerge as futile attempts to ensure effectual rehabilitation of the apparatus and livable surroundings.

As a matter of fact, the role of schools, universities, and Madrasahs is paramount and perennial for the character construction of the nation through compatible steps to curb the immoral tendency of the youth from the grassroots level and impart a sense of spiritual, social, and constitutional accountability among them.

As a result, we as a nation may find our true pathways and explore the undiscovered beauty of outgrowth to the zenith of our potency by sticking to morality and values.