LAHORE    -   Punjab Chief Minister Ch Parvez Elahi on Thursday inaugurated the Rescue 1122 motorbike service for all dis­tricts of the province expanding the reach of the service to the areas not accessible by ambulance. 

Addressing the inaugural cer­emony, he said: “Today, 1350 rescue motorbikes are being given across Punjab while each district will get 50 rescue motorbikes.”

The chief minister said that response time of motorbike emergency services will be four to five minutes. He further stated that emergency service will be possible even on narrow streets and difficult roads through motorbikes. Motorcycle emergency service will be extended to towns and villages as there will be a motorcycle ambulance along with the ambulance van. 

He said motorcycle emergency ser­vice will also be started in five new districts and tehsils. “After Pakistan armed forces, only Rescue 1122 was seen in floods and Rescue 1122 did immense work in flood-affected ar­eas”, he further said. He said the for­eign ambassadors had also praised the rescue emergency service of Pun­jab. “The American ambassador asked to provide support for Rescue 1122 in the meeting. No other organization was awarded by the United Nations except for Punjab Rescue”, he noted. 

In his address, the chief minister said that Shehbaz Sharif became the chief minister three times while the Sharif family ruled for 21 years but they could not bring a single project like Rescue 1122 Emergency Service. “If Shahbaz Sharif shows even one project like Rescue 1122 during his tenure, I will leave politics”, he stated while throwing a challenge on the Sharif family. He went on to say: 

“Whenever Shehbaz Sharif got pow­er, he tried to stop the emergency ser­vice; but he could not do it due to the pressure of the media and the high court. Every time, they come back in new disguises and these are the same people who have done bad things before and are still doing bad things. Someone comes disguised as a ‘dollar’ but takes the dollar with him on his way back”, he observed taking a dig at the PML-N leaders. 

He called Shehbaz Sharif a “drama­tist and showbaaz” who according to him was most perturbed over his gov­ernment in Punjab. He said the pres­ent Punjab government had not made a single false case against anyone, but the case of Model Town will surely reach its logical conclusion. “This case is against Rana Sanaullah and in this case, Rana Sanaullah and the other accused will be punished, and all the characters will meet their logical end. His statement in the assembly about the state within a state is on the re­cord”, the CM remarked. 

Parvez Elahi paid tributes to PTI chief Imran Khan and Pervez Khat­tak who had replicated the Punjab model of Rescue 1122 in Khyber Pak­htunkhwa. “Imran Khan has always supported us. It is a matter of concern that the governments of Balochistan and Sindh could not develop an insti­tution like Rescue 1122”. 

He said that Sindh should under­stand the importance of the rescue service in the wake of recent floods. “The villages of Sindh are in bad con­dition and the world is weeping over it as food and medicine are not being provided. If you cannot create a res­cue service yourself, follow what is done in Punjab”, he advised. “Just like Punjab, Imran Khan will get votes in Sindh because his intentions are good”, he said. 

Also, the chief minister said the provincial government will create a foolproof driving licensing sys­tem and this license will be useful abroad as well.