PESHAWAR    -   The Khyber Medical Uni­versity (KMU) Institute of Pharmaceutical Sci­ences (IPS) organized an event to celebrate World Pharmacist Day. 

The purpose of cel­ebrating this day was to highlight the impor­tance of pharmacists in society including pro­viding awareness about pharmacy to the stu­dents. 

The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zia ul Haq while Pro Vice Chan­cellor Prof Dr Lal Mu­hammad, Registrar Prof Dr Salim Gandapur, Di­rector IPS Dr Sami Siraj, Dr Abdul Wahab, and Dr Jehanzeb were also pres­ent. 

It is worth mentioning that every year World Pharmacist Day is com­memorated to highlight and advocate the phar­macist’s contribution to health improvement. The occasion of World Pharmacy Day serves as a reminder to honour all medical specialists who provide their ser­vices with empathy and understanding. Like doctors, pharmacists also have a major role to play in the healthcare sector. 

While talking at the ceremony Prof. Dr Zia ul Haq said that the unique experience of KMU in unifying all the health sectors under one um­brella is showing results in the form of availabili­ty of better medical ser­vices to society. 

He said that the pur­pose of the establish­ment of KMU was to give equal importance to all health sectors and under the same thought, in the last fifteen years, apart from MBBS and BDS in­stitutions have been opened in the fields of basic medical sciences, physiotherapy, nursing, public health, health pro­fessions education and pharmacy.