ISLAMABAD    -   Federal Minister Sherry Rehman on Thurs­day said that cabinet has approved the Liv­ing Indus Initiative that will be helpful for country’s largest climate resilience projects.

“It is high time we push forward an Axis of Adaptation for building our defenc­es against the onset of accelerated climate change,” the minister said while addressing a press conference. 

“Building climate resilience via adapta­tion planning is the most urgent need of the moment to protect our population,” Sher­ry Rehman said. The Minister believed that the initiatives will be helpful for replenish­ing and recharging jugular vein for food, livelihood, and water security. 

“River Indus is the lifeline of the country, supporting 80% of Pakistan’s agriculture and 3/4ths of its economy,” she said, add­ing that the River serves as one of biggest carbon sinks and is constantly under threat from drastic impacts of climate change. “De­spite the rains and groundwater recharge due to the ongoing floods, Pakistan is still going to face water scarcity in the near fu­ture,” she said.

Sherry Rehman said, “This is one of the largest ventures of its kind in Pakistan’s his­tory that will move from the north down to the base of the Indus Delta in the south.”

She said Pakistan has been placed in the top 10 high-risk countries in the world by the World Risk Index 2022 and floods have already affected our critical sectors like food, health and economy, making adapta­tion is the urgent need of the hour.

“Climate Change is a clear national securi­ty challenge for the country and Pakistan’s natural resources including the Indus and its ecosystem are under massive pressure from the inexorable changing climate, unpredict­able temperatures rise, disruptive rain pat­terns and melting glaciers.” said the minister.

Giving details of the project, Sherry Reh­man said, “The initiative, proposes a menu of 25 interventions that aim to address se­rious climate challenges on the ground with an emphasis on nature-based solutions, green infrastructure and ecosystem-based adaptation approaches to protect, conserve and restore natural, freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems.”