LAHORE-The rope skipping competitions concluded in the 6th Students Olympics Games at Karachi. The quarterfinals and semifinals of futsal, cricket and throwball will be played on Friday (today). 

The competitions are being played at four places of the city including Pakistan Sports Board Coaching Centre, The City School DK, City School PAF Chapter and Mini Sports Complex, Nazimabad Karachi. The games are being played under the supervision of Pakistan Students Olympic Association and Sponsored by Whale’s College. 

In the rope skipping girls O-Levels (Pool-A & B Pool), 1st position: Nasra School, 2nd position Happy Home School and 3rd position The City School. In A Levels, City School and Meritorious School got 1st and 2nd positions respectively. In throwball girls O-Levels (Pool-C & D Pool), City DK beat Dawood Public (Whales) 2-0, Shahwilayat beat Keystone 2-0, Shahwilayat beat Dawood Public (Whales) 2-0, City DK beat Keystone 2-0, City DK beat Shahwilayat 2-0, Dawood Public (Whales) beat Keystone 2-0. 

In Pool D, DHA IV beat Generation School 2-0, Head Start Gulshan beat Generation School 2-0, DHA IV beat Graceful Grammar 2-0, Head Start Gulshan beat Graceful Grammar 2-0 and DHA IV beat Head Start Gulshan 2-0. In Throwball ‘A’ Level Girls, Pool C, Eden College beat Beaconhouse Defence Campus 2-0, Credo College beat Eden College 2-0, Alpha beat Eden College 2-0, Credo College beat Beaconhouse Defence Campus 2-0, Alpha College beat Beaconhouse Defence Campus 2-0, Alpha College beat Credo College 2-0. In Pool D, FPS beat Cedar (Blue) 2-1, FPS beat Highbrow College 2-0, Cedar (Blue) beat Whales College 2-0, Cedar (Blue) beat Highbrow College 2-0, Highbrow College beat Whales College 2-1, FPS beat Whales College 2-0. 

In futsal Pool A, O-Level category (boys), St. Patrick School beat Head Start Gulshan 3-2, St. Patrick vs Pak Turk School match tied, Head Start Gulshan beat Korangi Academy 2-1, St. Patrick vs Gulshan City match tied, Gulshan City beat Head Start 5-1, Pak Turk beat Korangi Academy 3-2, Head Start beat Pak Turk 1-0, St. Patrick beat Korangi Academy walk over, Gulshan City beat Korangi Academy 4-0 and Gulshan City beat Pak Turk School 6-2. In Pool A, winner (Gulshan City Campus) qualified for semifinals. 

In Pool B, City School PAF beat Wahaj School 3-1, Beacon Light School beat The CAS School 3-0, Wahaj Hussain School beat Beacon Light 3-0, The City School PAF beat The CAS School 1-0, Wahaj Hussain School beat The CAS School 5-2 and The City PAF School beat Beacon Light 1-0. The Pool B winner (Wahaj Hussain School) qualified for semifinals. 

In A-Level category (boys) Pool A, Whales College vs The City School PAF match tied 1-1, The City School beat Happy Palace walk over, Whales College beat Happy Palace walk over, Whales College beat The City PAF 2-1. The Pool A winner (Whales College) qualified for semifinals. In Pool B category (boys), Generation’s School beat Foundation Public School 3-0, Meritorious College beat Foundation Public School 3-2 and Meritorious college vs Generation School match tied 2-2.