ISLAMABAD-There cannot be two opinions on the fact that generosity and nobility of the people of Pakistan comes into full gear whenever the country faces a natural calamity and is need to support.  Philanthropist, business community, youth fraternity, school going boys and girls and the corporate sectors outdo each other in their respective ways to chip in and share the burden and miseries of the affectees. 

Serena Hotels too did not lag far behind and opened floodgates of food supplies, tents and other relief goods, distributing them to the affected areas directly as well as channelising them with international NGO’s working in the vicinities under the banner of “Jazba-e- Khidmat” initiative.

It was in the same spirit that a Fundraising Gala for the Flood Affectees with the support of Royal Embassy of Thailand in Islamabad was held to raise funds for the relief and rehabilitation for the people affected by the floods across Pakistan. 

Mr. Aziz Boolani, Chief Executive Officer of Serena Hotels, in his welcoming speech thanked the participants who had generously contributed to the cause. He was highly touched by the overwhelming response of the corporate community which extended an unconditional support to the Serena Hotels for the fundraising event. Pharmaceutical companies, FMCG’s, real estate, Freight Forwarder enterprises all were very forthcoming and could be spotted through the nameplates placed on their seating tables. Mr. Boolani also pledged on behalf of his organisation to match the funds donated by the hotel guests and associates.   

All the guests at the gala were dressed to the nines. The diplomats too in attendance were impeccably dressed for the occasion with black suits with red tie outfit, tuxedos suit with black bow-tie in contemporary style, thus making their presence felt. The patio “Aangaan” next to Sheesh Mahal hall where the main event was to take place was very ascetically decorated with the Thai embassy’s help and Thai live instrumental music was on display, make the evening more mystical. 

After drinks were served and discussion on the current affairs, economy, prime minister’s visit to UNGA and Mr. Ishaq Dar’s return was done. 

Ambassador of Thailand to Pakistan, His Excellency Chakkrid Krachaiwong spoke briefly on the occasion highlighting the support of his country on the flood devastation in Pakistan and thanked the guests for their participation.

A cultural treat was in-store for the audience by a musical troupe specially visiting from Thailand on invitation of Thai embassy, Islamabad.  Representing Phattayakul Thai Music and Drama School, the performers chose three different traditional cultural dances called Khon, Lakhon and Fawn. “These three forms are the most classic forms of art performance in Thai culture especially Fawn Thai which includes different forms of folk dances and is considered to be the most stylized one,” explained a Thai diplomat. Guest were truly mesmerised as traditional Thai dancing is a combination of body movements in addition to intricate costumes and music. No doubt the guests were very intrigued by this most distinctive aspect of the Thai art, the costumes worn by the performers were elegant and stunning with unusual adornments attached to their attire.

After a delicate dance performance, a team of Muay Thai maestro Mr. Anuson Injal took the stage to demonstrate a delightful feat of agility and endurance to the audience sometimes referred to as Thai boxing as well. 

In Thailand, it is considered as a combat sports that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. “This discipline is considered art of eight limbs as it is characterised by the combined use of fits, elbows, knees and shins,” informed Thai diplomat. 

The end of Muay Thai demonstration marked the beginning of the sumptuous mouth-watering Thai cuisine. The host had very successfully managed to infuse adrenaline rush by infatuating the taste buds with dinner menu cards on the table. The epicureans started off with traditional green mango salad, prawns, homemade tamarind sauce, roasted coconut, ground peanuts and fried shallots for appetizer, cappuccino coconut broth, grilled chicken with coriander soup followed by aromatic Thai Choo Chee curry, stir-fried pumpkin with dried shrimps and eggs and basil leaves. This Choo Chee curry was full of spicy-sweet flavours and rich creamy note with golden brown Salmon fillets simmered in a fragrant sauce. The poultry section was represented by southern Thai marinated chicken barbecue, sticky rice, pickled papaya on the bed of banana leaf. The finale included Pandanus Sago dumpling grated coconut, sweet sticky rice and of course mango.