After a long deadlock, Chaudhary Parvez Elahi became the chief minister of the largest province of Pakistan. He remained the CM Punjab in the regime of Mr. Parvez Musharraf and completed his 5 year tenure. If we impartially observe the performance of the CM Punjab in Mr. Parvez Musharraf’s regime, we will find two main projects. First is related to free education. In this project, free books, free uniform and scholarship including stipend were provided to all students enrolled in government schools till class 10th across the Punjab. It increased and enhanced the literacy rate of the Punjab. Mr. Parvez Elahi not only focused on formal education but also provided technical education while the establishment of the TEVTA. The second historical development made by Mr. Parvez Elahi in the field of health emergency was to establishment of the rescue 1122. This project was not only applauded by the local people but also appreciated by the foreigners. The rescue 1122 is the only department in the Pakistan which is working for the welfare of the Pakistanis. Both projects are sustainable and have lucrative aspects in the sense of the development of the Punjab.

Now, once again, Mr. Parvez Elahi assumed the charge of the CM Punjab after constitutional slumps in the Pakistan. After assuming the charge, he urged that his government would enhance the salary package of all departments of the Punjab particularly police, rescue 1122, education and health department. As inflation soared in a few months and utility bills affected the lifestyle of the general masses, this announcement would try to heal the wound. A ripple of happiness is waving among government servants. CM Punjab also announced that new legislation would be made to ensure the implementation of the rule of law with the consultation of all the political parties.

No doubt these announcements will bring prosperity and stability in the Punjab after prolong constitutional crises. It is hoped that the CM Punjab will follow his announcements till their implementations. The government should also announce the jobs in various departments for youth who are unemployed. Furthermore, freelancing and online earning methods should be instilled which can help our country through foreign remittance.