The World Bank delegation comprising five members, Country Director Mr. Najy Benhassine, Mr. Ehtesham-ul Haq, Mr. Koen Martijn Geven, Ms. Ayesha Tahir and Ms. Izza Farrakh met Chairman Planning & Development Board Mr. Abdullah Khan Sumbal at P&D Complex, Lahore.

During the meeting, the Chair reviewed in detail about the World Bank project ‘GRADES’ (Getting Results: Access and Delivery of Quality Education Services) in Punjab. It’s a World Bank funded project with a loan amount of USD 150 Million. He further discussed the importance and  focus of the project including  retention and access, quality education, governance and school leadership.

During the meeting, Secretary P&D Board Mr. Sohail Anwar briefed the Chair about the construction of 4500 additional classrooms, establishment of 2500 new schools under PEF model and enrollment of 500,000 additional students under PEF over 5 years. Remedial learning is the key highlight of the project and It will be supported through smartphone and tablet applications based on existing applications and infrastructure, and will be mapped to the Single National Curriculum.n

“The project will be a key step towards getting beneficial results in future in terms of better education.” said World Bank Country’s Director Mr. Najy Benhassine. He appreciated the efforts of the Government of the Punjab and highlighted the importance of building schools and classrooms for accessibility of education across Punjab. The meeting was also attended by the Secretary P&D Board, Member Education P&D Board and senior officials.