Delays in textbooks provision wasting time of students in KP schools

Students at state-run schools without textbooks due to mismanagement, lack of coordination between KP Education Department, KP Textbook Board.

PESHAWAR    -   Much of the academic year of stu­dents is being wasted at schools as the authorities concerned have failed to provide books since the beginning of the session so far while it will also cost a huge fund to deliver the remaining books to the schools across the province.

Classes at both state and private schools resumed as the schools re­opened on August 15. However, the students at state-run schools are without textbooks reported­ly due to mismanagement and lack of coordination between the KP Education Department and KP Textbook Board.

“One reason behind the problem is that Education Department de­layed their demand to the Textbook Board which in turn delayed the printing of the books,” said a source in the education department.

Each class in the schools have been provided two or three books only while the rest of the books are yet to be printed. This will also cause additional spending of huge funds on the transportation of the books across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Once authorities provided a few textbooks to schools, cost­ing the exchequer the transporta­tion charges. Now again, they will spend money on transportation to supply the remaining textbooks to the schools.

An official said that the text­books are first delivered to stores in various districts and later the schools take those books from the store. This time, the schools got inadequate books and now they would have to spend funds on transportation to receive more books when they are printed and ready for them.

When contacted, the Director El­ementary and Secondary Educa­tion Department KP Hafiz Ibrahim did not comment on the issue.

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