Farmers advised to cultivate sugarcane in Sept

FAISALABAD    -   The agriculture experts have advised the grow­ers to start sugarcane cultivation in Septem­ber to get a bumper production as it is most suitable month for maximum produc­tion. A spokesman for the agriculture depart­ment said on Tuesday that growers should select fertile land for sugarcane cultiva­tion. They should use plough three to four times before cultivat­ing the crop. He said that distance between sugarcane rows should be at least four feet while seeds should be cultivated in 10 to 12 inch depth in the earth. The farmers should use seed of approved va­rieties, including CPF-237, CPF-243, CPF-246, CPF-247, SHF-240, HSF-242, CP-77-400, CPF-249, CPF-252, CPF-253, CPSG-2525, SLSG-1283 because these varieties not only had better dis­ease resistance but also gave maximum produc­tion, he added.

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